Results Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy worked on projects.

what is Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is nothing more than an action plan for achieving desired results through digital marketing in line with your business objectives.

First and foremost point to be considered while drafting your digital marketing strategy should be understanding your product / service consumers.

Secondly, understanding their persona, demographics, and online behaviour pattern towards consuming your products or services.

Last and final point should be the clarity of what you are offering online. Never have your strategy drafted from selling point of view, It should always be focused from buying point  view.

The solutions you are selling should be able to solve the problems for a buyer and that should be communication goal.

Post understanding the business objectives, the process is executed in 4 stages.

  • Digital Marketing Research

    Keyword Research

    Keywords Analysis

    LSI keywords
    LSV & Key word Density
    Target Industry Keywords
    Keyword Ranking position
    Keywords competitors

  • Digital Marketing Research

    Competitor Research

    Competitor Analysis

    Keywords competitors
    competitor DA/PA Analysis
    Competitor web traffic
    Competitor On page optimisation
    Competitor website performance
    Competitor backlink analysis
    Competitor AdWord analysis
    Competitor Social media analysis

    Digital Marketing Research

  • Digital Marketing Planning

    Strategy Planning

    Action Plan

    Content marketing planning
    Inbound Marketing planning
    Paid Marketing planning
    Social media marketing planning

  • SEO Strategy Execution

    SEO Optimisation

    On page optimisation

    Meta tags & title optimisation
    Open graph optimisation
    Schema markup optimisation

  • SEO Strategy Execution

    SEO Optimisation

    Website Optimisation

    Landing page funnel creation
    Landing Page Development
    Website usability and conversion optimisation
    Signup Thank you page development
    Mailchimp campaign creation
    Mailchimp Email automation Setup
    Keyword Density
    Keywords URL Mapping
    Heading tags optimisation
    Image optimisation
    Anchor text optimisation
    Internal links optimisation
    social sharing optimisation
    Content optimisation
    Sitemap creation

    SEO Strategy Execution

  • SEO Strategy Execution

    Off Page Optimisation

    Organic Backlink Building

    Blog Commenting
    Business Listing
    Directory Listing
    Social Bookmarking
    Article Posting
    Quora Promotion
    Wikipedia Promotion
    Sitemap Creation HTML & XML
    Search Engine Submission
    Document Sharing
    PR Posting
    Video Promotion
    Disqus Promotions
    Infographics Image Sharing

  • SEO Strategy Execution

    Off Page Optimisation

    Paid Backlink Building

    PR Posting
    Paid Guest Blogging
    Paid Directory Links
    Paid Article Submission

    SEO Strategy Execution

  • SEO Strategy Execution

    Off Page Optimisation

    Sitewide Backlink Building

    Paid SiteWide links
    High DA Website Building

  • Social Media Strategy Execution

    Social Media Optimisation

    Social Media Strategy

    Content calendar creation
    social media interlinking
    web page / Landing page promotions
    Blog article promotion
    Image / Video post promotion
    Page promotions
    Group sharing & engagement

  • Digital Marketing Measurement

    Data Analysis

    Audits & Reporting

    Website auditing
    keyword auditing
    SERP position tracking
    Backlink auditing
    Adwords campaign auditing
    social media campaign auditing
    Continuous review modifications

    Digital Marketing Measurement

I can help you in building a winning digital marketing strategy for your project.